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Before Maine Yankee

Before Maine Yankee

Sarah (Sally) became aware of environmental issues in her twenties when her family was forced to sell their tiny island in the Sheepscot Back River in Wiscasset, ME in order for the Maine Yankee Atomic Power Plant to be built. Before Maine Yankee: Memories of a Small Island is Sarah'ss story of Little Oak Island, the displaced Bailey Point residents, and the nuclear plant and its ultimate decommission
Contact Sarah Pierce,, 540-828-3318

Emil Landau

Emil Landau,
Surviving the Third Reich

This is the story of Emil Landau, a good friend and neighbor who survived the horrors of the Holocaust that were inflicted on the world by the German Third Reich during the years 1933 - 1945.

It is recalled for us through the eyes and recollections of a teen-aged Jewish boy whose courage, ingenuity, persistence, and will-to-live combined to help him and his family resist and eventually outlive the brutality and evil threats of the Nazi regime. Contact Skidompha Publishers,, 207-563-5513

natural expressions book published by rocky hill publishing

A Castle in the Clouds, Tom Plant and the American Dream

The story of Tom Plant (1859-1941) gives us a gritty, real-life view of the American dream. Born into a poor French-Canadian family in Bath, Maine on the eve of the Civil War, he began his career as a boy laborer, cutting ice on the Kennebec River. Tom then became a union shoe-maker in the "shoe capital of the world," in Massachusetts, financing his first workshop with a baseball wager. He went on to pioneer new trends in American business and to build the world,s largest shoe factory. An inventor, his name became front-page news in the New York Times during a fight with the most notorious monopoly in the United States. A celebrated outdoorsman, he laid out a vast estate on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee, as well as a retirement home for workers in his hometown. An advocate of the progressive movement, Tom Plant spoke for a new, pragmatic America, one based on fairness in the workplace, conservation of nature, plural heritage, and global harmony. His dénouement was as surprising as his triumph. Contact Barry Rodrigue, 207-442-7779

natural expressions book published by rocky hill publishing

Natural Expressions

Life as a Jewelry Artist
A book about the career of
Jewelry artist
Ronna Lugosch

Published by Rocky Hill Publishing

intimate views art of acadia national park

Intimate Views

Art of Acadia National Park
by Phyllis Rees

Published by Eastern International

poets basket book

The Poets Basket by Jennifer Armstrong, Illustrated by Patrick Thomas Published by Wren Song Press

anything possible book

Anything is Possible

by Jennifer Armstrong,
Illustrated by Peggy Lipshutz

Published by Wren Song Press

the domed bug book by louise bernstone

The Domed Bug

by H. Louise Bernstone,
illustrated by Glenn Chadbourne

Published by Pepperton's Choice® Publishing